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Miki’s Story

NOTE: SCAF cannot normally help with cancer cases, but this case had a good prognosis and this person was in terrible, desperate straights. She was selling her possesions to pay for her vet bills.

Dear SCAF Angels,

I wanted to thank you for your help with the financial burden of Mikki's vet bills. The grant you gave us was more than just dollars. It helped lift the feelings of utter despair that comes with knowing your most beloved companion needs expensive treatment to live. I am disabled and live on a small fixed income. It was money I didn't have. Mikki is everything to me and when she was first diagnosed with Breast Cancer I turned to friends and family for help with funds. After that I turned to you and received the help that made it possible to continue treatment. She is a energetic happy girl who had her 12th birthday, (August 10), yesterday thanks to caring people such as yourselves. I am forever grateful for your generosity. Mikki still has a bit of a battle ahead before she is completely healthy however, we wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you, very much for your help!!

Bless you all,
Mik & Min & Rexyboy too