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Completing the application

Applications must be submitted by email or postal mail no later than 30 days after the incurred expense.

You may submit the online application here. The completed form will be emailed to you upon completion. Once you receive your completed application via email, Please reply to 'Sender' in the application email and attach all pertinent documents to submit your application to SCAF.
All pertinent documents must be included to process the application. Please email all forms to

You may also print out a blank application and mail it. Blank application form to print.

Mailing address: SCAF, c/o Mickey Horn, 11684 Germany Road, Wilton, CA. 95693

Mailed applications must include all required documentation with signatures.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted for review. An incomplete application includes those for which we have not received an estimate or itemized bill from your veterinarian.

Any misrepresentation of the facts or provision of false information about the case will result in immediate closure of the application and denial of funding for any future applications. The applicant will be notified of our action. If SCAF has already disbursed any funds toward veterinary care it is the responsibility of the applicant to repay those funds. Any pledged donation from SCAF will be withdrawn.